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This is an exclusive interview with Yackov Dar, the founder, president and chief executive officer of Power-C Metering Africa (PCMA), an exhibitor at the upcoming African Utility Week.

Let’s start with your professional background. Please can you tell us more about the path that led you to your current role?
My background as an Electrical Engineer in the Hi-Tech industry has qualified me to be the founder and managing director of this company.

What is your vision for your role at Power-C Metering Africa (PCMA)?
Large integration and manufacturing group, offering end to end smart grid deployments.

Please share some background on Power-C Metering Africa (PCMA)’s activities with regards to smart grid solutions.
Offering product, communication, smart grid applications and project fulfillment.

What are the top substantial advantages that you can offer to utilities? And in terms of aiding their quest for financial health.
Offering ‘one stop shop’ with proven results.

Can you tell us more about Power-C Metering Africa (PCMA)’s latest initiatives and/or projects that you are working on?
GIS and mobile payment technologies.

What are the primary use cases of your grid modernisation strategy? 
Revenue enhancement.

What are the top three major challenges that your team face with the current electricity distribution system? 
Customer engagement.

Which communication solutions do you anticipate deploying in the next 3 years to support distribution automation?
All communications with proven results.

What in your view are the current opportunities in the power sector? 
Large opportunities as the need is there…

Why did you decide to partner with African Utility Week?
Exposure of our services and offering.

What will be Powercom’s main message at the event?

One Stop Shop solution for utilities needs with focus on revenue enhancement.

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