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Europe calls for 100% renewable energy target by 2050

Brussels, Belgium — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 17 February 2011 – More than two hundred entities across Europe “’ as well as political representatives including thirty Members of the European Parliament “’ have met in various European Union capitals to present a declaration calling for a 100% renewable target by 2050 for European energy policy.

The signatories of the manifesto include diverse institutions such as industry associations, professionals, academics, trade unions, and environmental organisations, as well as companies operating not just in the energy sector. Between them they employ around half a million workers.

“Confronted not only with an economic downturn, but in particular with the challenges posed by climate change, an increasing fuel import dependency and rising fossil fuel prices, Europe urgently needs to develop solutions for a future sustainable energy system entirely based on renewable energy sources”, says the declaration, which has been presented as the European Union reviews its own objective for Europe’s energy future to 2050.

The signatories of the declaration call on Europe to lead by example. “The answers to today’s challenges do not lie beyond our reach – they lie in the palm of our hands. By promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, we will be able to tackle both security of energy supply and climate change, while at the same time creating a future-oriented sustainable economy with high-quality green jobs,” they say.

The wide range of parliamentary supporters are confirming their commitment to “promoting an economy based on energy efficiency and renewable energy for green jobs; promoting economic development and energy independence; and curbing climate change”.

The signatories are urging European leaders “to act quickly and make this 2050 vision become a reality for the benefit of all EU citizens”.