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Ethiopia to export power to neighbouring Sudan and Djibouti

19 December 2007 – Sudan and Djibouti will benefit from Ethiopian electricity exports from 2010, once a series of hydro power dams, currently under construction, have been completed.


The Tekeze hydro
power project

Included is a dam in Mekelle, which will form part of the Tekeze hydro power project. The project will cost a total of US$350 million.

“82% of the construction is completed; the plant will begin generating 300MW of electric power in 2008," says Engineer Oweys Ibrahim, plant director.

The dam, once finalised, will be the biggest water reservoir in Africa, followed by the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.

The other two hydro electric power projects under construction, Anabeles and Gilgel Gibe, will have a generation capacity of 460MW and 420MW respectively, and are due for completion in 2009.

Ethiopia is currently undertaking a massive power expansion project – "empowering Ethiopia in to a new millennium" – which aims to increase electrification in the country to 50% by 2009.

Ethiopia currently generates 800MW of power and has an electrification rate of 20%. Projects under way in Ethiopia will add some 1 180MW by 2009.