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Ethiopia aims for 450 MW geothermal power by 2019

20 July 2012 – The Ethiopian Geological Survey will be the agency responsible for helping achieve the goal of 450 MW of geothermal power in that country by 2019. Director general of the Ethiopian Geological Survey says that this power will be generated at Abaya, Alto, Fentale, Kerbito, Tendaho and Tulu Moye in the coming five to seven years.

Ethiopia has received US$50 million from the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) and part of this funding will go towards developing the country’s geothermal capacity.

Ethiopia’s investment plan will see the African Development Bank (AfDB) provide investment and technical support to execute phase II of the country’s Aluto Langano geothermal and Assela wind farm projects. Under the terms of the CIF’s Scaling up Renewable Energy Program for Low Income Countries, the AfDB will provide US$23 million for these two projects.