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eThekwini reaping the benefit of landfill CDM project

Durban City manager
Dr Michael Sutcliffe
25 November 2008 – eThekwini Municipality will be further benefitting from its landfill gas-to-electricity CDM project as it has signed an emission reduction purchase agreement with Trading Emissions PLC  (TEP) for the sale of one million tons of certified emissions reductions.

Trading Emissions, which purchases carbon credits, will purchase the certified emission reductions from the second phase of the landfill project, up until the end of 2012.

The first phase of the project is earning revenue through sales of credits to the World Bank, the first cheque of which was received for US$151 000.

Phase two of the project will involve the extraction of landfill gas (between 40% – 60% methane)  from a landfill site at Bisasar Road, which is said to have the potential to generate some 8MW of power for the municipal grid.  This phase of the project is expected in 2009.

South Africa only has 14 registered CDM projects, out of a total of 3 000 registered project worldwide.  Many have described the process of registering for CDM projects as ‘convoluted and long’ as a way of explaining the small number of registered projects.

"eThekwini is an important project, it is operational, it has a long-term future and we anticipate registration shortly. These credits will be a useful addition to our portfolio," said Simon Shaw, TEP investment adviser.

"The City is delighted to be in partnership with Trading Emissions and we look forward to building a more sustainable city and world," Durban City manager Dr Michael Sutcliffe concluded.