15 October 2008 – South Africa’s state power utility Eskom confirmed again that it planned to almost double its generation capacity by 2026, as it seeks to ease power shortages that have dented economic growth.

The announcement came fast on the heals of its announcement that it would spend be spending R343 billion (US$37.2 billion) over the next five years to build new electricity generating plants and expand the transmission lines.

That spending is likely to grow to more than one trillion rand by 2026 as the company seeks to boost its production. "Eskom will double its capacity to 80,000 megawatts by 2026," from the current level of 43,037 megawatts, it said in a statement.

The beleaguered company has struggled to meet growing demand for electricity and earlier this year was forced to introduce power rationing, which has hurt the economy and especially the critical mining industry.

The ambitious new spending scheme includes new nuclear and coal power station projects.