The top 20 defaulting municipalities make up 90% of the outstanding municipal debt to Eskom

In South Africa, Eskom has announced the start of the interruption of bulk power supply to municipalities who are in arrears and those who have agreed payment plans with Eskom but have now defaulted on these payment plans.

The utility has confirmed that communities within municipal areas targeted for interruption will be provided 48 hours’ notice in their local media.  Any municipalities who are currently honouring their payment plans but who default in future will immediately be given 48 hours’ notice of the intention to disrupt service.

This follows an announcement last week where Eskom warned that the remainder three municipalities will face having their power cut on 5 June 2015 should they not submit a payment proposal.

Eskom has announced that it has postponed the planned interruption of bulk electricity supply to the two defaulting municipalities in the Free State pending a legal process that is currently underway.

In April, Eskom named and shamed the top 20 defaulting municipalities of which 18 have signed payment agreements with the power company.

The two defaulting municipalities are in a legal process due to non-payment and their matters will be dealt with within the confines of that process.

The top 20 defaulting municipalities make up 90% of the outstanding municipal debt to Eskom.

Regulated interruption schedule

ESI Africa reported earlier this year that the power utility has stated that disconnection of electricity supply will unfortunately cause undue hardship to consumers and members of the community, and may adversely affect the delivery of other services, however, customer disconnection is always the last resort explored.

In view of this, Eskom is proposing a regulated interruption of electricity as indicated below:

Monday to Friday         Saturday and Sunday

06h00 – 10h00              07h00 – 10h00

17h00 – 21h00              17h00 – 20h00