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Eskom Rotek Industries: A specialised offering like no other

Eskom Rotek Industries has provided diagnostic and engineering services for more than 100 years, boasting a national footprint. Eskom Rotek Industries is a silver sponsor at Future Energy East Africa in Nairobi in September.

The company has expertise in five technically specific business areas namely; The Turbo Gen Services service offering; The Bulk Material Services service offering; The Logistics Services service offering; The Transformer and Switchgear Services service offering; The Construction Services service offering.

The Turbo Gen Services service offering

Eskom Rotek Industries specialises in engineering consultancy, construction, plant operations and general maintenance services for all power generation equipment and associated power infrastructure. It has serviced clients across a range of industries such as energy, water, oil and gas, abnormal load transportation and the tyre industry, to name but a few. Rotek collaborates effectively with a range of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company upholds its commitment to work towards reducing operational downtime and increasing uptime for all clients.

Turbo Gen Services is one of the few exclusive and strategic major turbine and generator maintenance service providers. This business unit is positioned to refurbish large power generation turbines, generators and related equipment, with a special focus on the maintenance engineering of the turbine and the generator island. Service offerings include turbine and generator refurbishment, engineering solutions, condition monitoring and first line maintenance.

Specialist offerings include:
• Manufacturing of small components
• Generator services related to stators and rotors
• Mechanical services – heavy, medium and light machining
• Balancing services
• Bearing services
• Non-destructive testing services
• Conditioning monitoring
• Specialised engineering support

Eskom Rotek: Turbo

The Bulk Material Services service offering

This business unit of Eskom Rotek Industries offers a wide range of general bulk material handling services for coal, ash, limestone and gypsum and also provides project management and related engineering solutions. In addition, it also offers plant maintenance, water treatment solutions, coal transportation logistics and the selling of coal combustible products such as ash, gypsum and salts. It further manages bulk water schemes to supply water to power stations through its bulk water handling function and has the ability to manage coal and ash stockyards, as well as to provide maintenance to coal conveyor operations.

Specialist offerings include:
• Coal logistics
• Bulk water handling
• Ash and coal handling operations
• Power station maintenance

The Logistics Services service offering

The Logistics Services business unit offers road transport, material handling and consolidation, warehousing, a full scope waste management solution and road logistics services. In short, these encompass the transportation of plant and auxiliary components to remote sites, the removal of both general and hazardous waste, as well as the haulage of all heavy and abnormal sized equipment. With the largest multi-axle fleet in the southern hemisphere, Logistics Services has the capacity to transport anything up to 500 t. For the management of waste, the business provides a wide range of services from collection and disposal of various waste types to advance services such as asbestos and dismantling projects, removal of healthcare risk waste, operating landfill sites, waste awareness training and on-site waste management training.

Specialist offerings include:
• Transport services
– 0 – 32-tonne fleet
– 32 – 80-tonne fleet
– 80 tonne plus fleet
• Waste management
• Materials handling and consolidation

Eskom Rotek: Logistics

The Transformer and Switchgear Services service offering

This business unit of Eskom Rotek Industries offers maintenance, design and rewind, refurbishment, repair and modification services for power transformers and switchgear. These services are offered both on-site and at Eskom Rotek Industries’ advanced, well-equipped workshops in Johannesburg. The overhead crane in the workshop has the capacity to safely lift up to 600 t and the high-voltage test facility has a range up to 3,200 kV to perform lightning and switching impulse testing.

Specialist offerings include:
• Power transformer workshop overhauls and rewinds (1.25 MVA to 920 MVA)
• Power transformer site maintenance, repairs and re-gasketing (1.25 MVA to 920 MVA)
• Tap changer and diverter overhaul, maintenance, OEM modifications and upgrades
• Switchgear maintenance, repairs, OEM modifications and upgrades on 6.6 kV and above
• Transformer and bushing oil sampling and analysis
• Transformer insulating oil supply, purification and regeneration
• Electrical testing site related (380 V)
• SF6 gas analysis and recovery

Eskom Rotek: Transformer

The Construction Services service offering

The Construction Services business unit specialises in both civil and electrical power generation infrastructure construction. Services include terracing and reticulation, the building and cabling of substations, reticulation network electrification and installation, cable management and installation, as well as erecting power lines and towers. These services effectively allow for product delivery on the power line, substation, cabling and mixed civil projects.

Specialist offerings include:
• Mixed civil construction
– Earthworks
– Concrete works
– Drainage and water management services
– Facilities maintenance
• General road maintenance
• Electrical construction
– Cabling and switchgear
– Substation construction
– Powerline construction
– Electrification
• Renewable energy services

Eskom Rotek Industries is a silver sponsor at Future Energy East Africa in Nairobi in September.

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