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Eskom receives prestigious SAP certification

Eskom receives SAP certification

On Tuesday, South African state-owned power utility, Eskom, announced that they are the first utility on the continent to receive the prestigious Advanced Centre of Expertise certification from leading enterprise software solutions provider SAP.

SAP certification: seeing results

Sean Maritz, Acting Chief Information Officer at Eskom, said the certification has already had a positive impact on its operations.

“We have seen a significant reduction in system outages due to the improvement in our internal processes. Our internal IT ratings have improved by 15%, and we have experienced 10% fewer outages due to higher levels of quality prevalent in our systems,” Maritz explained in a company statement.

Adding transparency

According to the power company, the SAP Advanced Centre of Expertise certification covers the full spectrum of SAP solution operations. Under the new certification, the Eskom team has integrated quality management in place, bringing transparency to the challenges and issues faced by the organisation as a whole.

“Visibility, alignment and a common understanding of the top issues affecting the organisation are enabled through the centre’s ability to maintain a single source of truth – one central area where everything is tracked and from which all information flows,” the utility said in a statement.

Certification requirements

Successful completion of the certification includes a minimum two-year process requiring executive-level commitment and resource allocation.

According to Maritz: “This certification conveys a level of commitment to quality above all other activities, and highlights Eskom’s drive to do the right thing – not just for short-term gains, but to ensure sustainability in the long term.

“Through this process, we have challenged the siloed thinking prevalent in the market today, fostering a deeper understanding of how every action impacts other areas of the business, the economy, and the people that live and work within South Africa.”

With the utility focusing on further development of the systems, Maritz said: “This includes adding more business processes and improving the quality of the existing processes. Eskom is a “lighthouse” to other companies in Africa and has proven to the world that we have a mature ITC environment.

“In addition, the certification offers immense skills development benefits as learners and interns become far more employable due to their exposure to the highest possible levels of SAP-optimised processes.”

According to SAP Africa Managing Director Brett Parker: “Eskom and SAP jointly decided to pursue the achievement of the Advanced Centre of Expertise more than four years ago. Since then, every action and plan was executed to bring the organisation closer to this goal, supported through the SAP CIO advisory services and the SAP MaxAttention delivered through SAP Next Generation Approach.

“We are proud to see the first Advanced Centre of Expertise on the African continent, and look forward to taking our collaboration into the future to achieve even greater success.”


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