On the 21st of May a 200 MW unit at the return-to-service Grootvlei power station caught fire. Eskom reports that the Grootvlei emergency response team reacted swiftly and extinguished the fire before it could cause severe damage to the unit. The unit will be kept off-load until the root cause of the incident has been identified and repairs effected.

Meanwhile Koeberg unit 2 is currently being returned to service and is almost at full capacity. The unit was shut down on 23 March 2014 for a scheduled refuelling, inspection and maintenance outage.

Overall, last week the system remained stable but tight over the evening peak from 5pm to 9pm, with demand starting to approaches closer to 35,000 MW on some weekdays as colder weather sets in across South Africa. Eskom continues with its planned maintenance schedule and is scaling it down to prepare for winter while also managing unplanned outages that add more pressure to an already tight system.

Planned outages for maintenance on the 22nd of May stood at 2,300 MW while unplanned outages were at 4,100 MW, a better figure than the previous week.

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