Featured image: Eskom

South African parastatal Eskom has today announced that in terms of the coal supply agreement with Eskom, Optimum Coal Mine is obliged to supply 400,000 tonnes of coal to Eskom’s Hendrina Power Station each month at the price of R201,46 per tonne.

The utility said in a statement that it has had discussions with the business rescue practitioners with a view to ensuring that they continue to perform, in terms of the coal supply agreement, and coal supply to the power station is resuscitated without further delays.

“Eskom is currently considering the business rescue practitioners’ proposal to reduce the monthly coal supply tonnage from 400,000 to 200,000 tonnage for the remainder of contract period given the precarious financial position of Optimum Coal Mine.

“We wish to state categorically that to date Eskom has not agreed to any price adjustment with the business rescue practitioners and the allegations made in the City Press article yesterday are factually incorrect and without basis,” the utility stressed.

The utility added: “Should Eskom decide to accept any reduction of the coal supply tonnage, as proposed by the business rescue practitioners, such will be done at the current coal supply contract price.

“Eskom is not in possession of the business rescue plan, however, can confirm that it has requested the plan so it can engage amicably as an affected party.”