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Eskom has announced that they are ready for the World Cup next month

Erica Johnson, Chief
Officer of Customer
Network Business,
25 May 2010 – "We are confident that Eskom will be able to deliver sufficient bulk electricity supplies ensuring reliable power supply during the 2010 FIFA World Cup," says Erica Johnson, Eskom Chief Officer of Customer Network Business.

"Despite being very tight, there has been no load shedding since May 2008. As intended, plant performance has been maintained at a stable level and the required level of generation plant availability and reliability has been achieved to meet customers’ electricity demands. We have undertaken comprehensive maintenance on our plant and infrastructure and have secured additional water and primary energy fuels as contingency measures. These measures give us confidence that we can provide reliable supply during the games. In planning for any eventuality, we aim to reduce restoration time to customers by having maintenance teams on stand-by to attend to any localised power outage such as electrical trips that may occur on the distribution network," she said.

An independent study conducted by the Korean Power Company (Kepco), reported that:

"Eskom’s readiness and preparedness in reliable power supply to 2010 football World Cup was admirable and comparable to all countries that have held this prestigious event. In general, Eskom has been cooperating with various regional offices and municipalities.

Eskom also established various operation plans and executed simulation trainings. Therefore, we believe that Eskom is ready to perform a reliable power supply to key facilities during the 2010 FIFA World Cup period."