31 March 2008 – Eskom has halted planned load shedding for this week as it is still finalising the load shedding process.


Eskom’s Officer Networks
and Customer Care,
Erika Johnson

"Our national supply system is currently operating under constrained conditions and in order to manage the situation we need to reduce the demand of electricity to manageable levels," said Erika Johnson, Eskom’s Officer Networks and Customer Care.

The BuaNews reported "Predictable and scheduled load shedding was expected to operate an average of two to two and a half hours of interruption every second day, excluding Sundays.

"This exception, according to Eskom, was based on requests from local businesses and in collaboration with the City of Johannesburg."

Consumers and businesses have been asked to save 10% of their consumption in order to reduce demand for electricity. Once a 10% reduction has been achieved by a municipality or individually switchable industrial customer, they can apply for an exclusion for scheduled load shedding.

"If all consumers across the country adopt the same attitude to power saving as our key industrial customers, it will significantly reduce the likelihood of load shedding," Ms Johnson said.