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Eskom cannot guarantee outage-free winter

Eskom power “’ winter
may mean outages
Johannesburg, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 12 April 2011 – South African power utility Eskom can give no guarantees that there will be no electricity outages during the winter months, as energy usage nears that of pre-recession levels experienced in 2007.

Reporting this, The Times quoted Eskom spokeswoman Hilary Joffee as saying: “We have resolved to avoid outages, but that resolve will be tested.”
She added: “I am not going to give you a guarantee that load shedding is going to happen, but I’m also not going to give you a guarantee that it’s not. That’s the best we can give you. It’s not going to be easy,” she said.

On Friday, Eskom announced its goal of keeping power available this winter and avoiding rotational load shedding. “But the system is going to be very tight for the next two years,” Joffe reiterated.

After studying weather and power usage trends, Eskom reported that 14 critical periods were expected before the end of winter.