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Eskom buys additional power from Mozambique

8 April 2008 – An additional 250MW of power will be sold to Eskom by Mozambique’s Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam, it was announced this week.

Cahora-Bassa"We are trying to squeeze as much capacity out of every resource," said Andrew Etzinger, general manager, demand side management.

Eskom signed an agreement with Cahora Bassa on 3rd April and the first additional 100MW was received on Friday, 4th April. This additional 100MW represents an increase of 1% to current capacity, although Eskom have said the additional power "does definitely make a contribution."

The additional power is available as Cahora Bassa is currently running all five of its generators (one of which is normally kept on stand by). Negotiations are underway to ensure the additional power is available over the winter months.

Transmission of the additional power will be done via Botswana and Zimbabwe, as there is no spare capacity on transmission lines between South African and Mozambique.