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Established in 1996, ESI Africa has become the leading provider of information relating to the African electricity and energy industry, delivering news to the continent and beyond.

Published quarterly in March, June, September and December, ESI Africa is distributed to over 5000 decision makers within the African power industry, providing information and updates on innovations and product developments.

Editorial content includes generation, transmission and distribution issues, while also exploring the role of alternative energy sources in providing a comprehensive and sustainable energy mix. In addition to the provision and distribution of energy to end-users, the editorial provides information on various aspects of the energy usage, such as demand side management (DSM), energy efficiency and policy issues that will affect the continent. Regional focuses and profiles on countries, utilities and big industry provide an overall view of the use of power on the African continent and serve to encourage information sharing amongst utilities and countries.

The host publication at a number of industry events, such as the West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC), Eastern African Power Industry Convention (EAPIC), iPAD (Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development) Angola and DRC, Hydropower Africa and African Utility Week (AUW), ESI Africa provides extensive pre and post event coverage. In addition, ESI Africa is media partner in a number of other related events, both on the African continent and in Europe.

ESI Africa is an official publication for a number of industry associations, including the Commission on Illumination (CIE), the Power Institute for East and Southern Africa (PIESA), the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE), the South African National Energy Association (SANEA), the Union of Producers, Distributors and Conveyors of Electrical Power in Africa (UPDEA) and the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA).

ESI Africa provides regular updates and information to a dynamic and ever changing industry.

The web site has an archive of back editions, news flashes and signups for a monthly electronic newsletter. The web site hosts an average of 230 user sessions each day.

Innovative marketing solutions, attendance at key industry events, an active web site, a subscription electronic newsletter and the organisation of regular power events, position ESI Africa as the leading marketing tool for companies involved in the African power industry.

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