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Eritrean wind generation

18 December 2007 – Wind turbines have been installed at various locations of Eritrea’s South Red Sea region, including Assab, Edi, Berasole, Beilul, Gahro and Rahaita, the ministry of energy and mines has revealed.

Eritrean remote village

Remote villages in Eritrea
will benefit from the wind
generation projects

In collaboration with partners, three generators were installed at Assab with a generation capacity of 250Kw said Mr Samuel Baire, director general of the energy department at the ministry. The installation of these wind turbines would result in a saving of some 15 – 25% in fuel consumption.

Further projects will continue in the areas and Ms. Tsigereda Woldegergish, regional administrator for the region told guests at the inauguration ceremony that the project would make a vital contribution to the areas socio-economic activities.