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Energy source diversification in South Africa’s REIPPP round 3

Out of some 93 bid submissions 17 renewables projects were granted preferred bidder status under the third bidding round of South Africa Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP).

The preferred bidders include 787 MW for wind projects among which the Globeleq Mainstream consortium is a big winner with three projects totalling over 300 MW. There were six preferred bidders for solar photovoltaic project totalling 450 MW, and two preferred bidders for 200 MW of concentrated solar power (CSP) projects.

In addition there is a preferred bidder for 16.5 MW of biomass and a preferred bidder for 18 MW of landfill gas power.

EnerG Systems is the preferred bidder for the landfill gas project, which is based on a combination of landfill sites in Johannesburg. Some of these sites have already been set up with piping that taps gas that is currently being vented for carbon credits. Now it will become possible for this landfill gas to provide power to the grid.


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