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Energy sector aid for Mozambique

21 September 2007 – From Mozambique it has been reported that approximately $5 million, over the next five years, has been pledged by Norway to support the institutional capacity building programme of the ministry of energy in Mozambique.

The agreement was signed on Friday in Maputo by Alcinda Abreu, Mozambican foreign minister and Norwegian ambassador, Thorbjorn Gaustadsaether.

Abreu said the agreement made it possible to improve national energy policies. Gaustadsaether said that his government has defined energy and the environment as two priority areas of cooperation

"We continue to support the energy sector because Mozambique has identified it as one of the strategic areas for the Action Plan for the Reduction of Absolute Poverty (PARPA)", he said.

"The objective is to improve the sector’s productivity, and expand access to electricity for domestic use as well as for the education and health service".

The overall objective was to ensure balanced and sustainable growth of the energy sector. However, in order to achieve that goal, "we must have a functional ministry".