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Energy efficient occupancy sensors

Included in Magnet’s range of energy efficient electrical products are occupancy sensors designed for the control of lighting and air-conditioning to reduce electricity consumption, enhance safety and extend the life of lamps.

“These occupancy sensors, which can be easily retrofitted to an existing system, are a highly effective building management system with numerous benefits,” Brian Howarth, Magnet’s managing director, says. “When no movement is detected in the installation – either indoors or outside under cover – the sensor switches off the lighting, which reduces energy consumption. Less heat is generated by lights, which means less demand for air-conditioning and because lamp life is longer, with fewer lamp changes, maintenance costs are minimal. Lighting retrofit also eliminates the fire hazard risk of old magnetic ballasts.”

Energy sensors

Energy efficient occupancy sensors designed for the control of lighting and air-conditioning to reduce electricity consumption

Magnet’s occupancy sensors, which can be ceiling, wall or wall switch mounted, have standard features that include a green light-emitting diode (LED), a self container relay which requires no power pack and an easy to programme time delay of between 30 seconds and 20 minutes that is selectable in 2.5 minute increments. These sensors have no minimum load requirements.

Wall switch decorator sensors are intrinsically grounded and have patented bipolar wiring with interchangeable hot and load wires. These units also offer three-way and multi-level switching and auto-sensitivity adjustment. Ceiling mount sensors have a 100 hour lamp burn-in timer mode.

Highly sensitive commanding ceiling sensors offer uninterrupted all round detection of areas as wide as 350 m², with a 360O coverage angle.

This range of occupancy sensors is perfectly suited for installation in restrooms, stairwells, classrooms, offices, carports and closets.

Magnet specialises in the supply, implementation and support of electrical equipment and industrial instrumentation throughout Southern Africa to ensure optimum energy efficiency in diverse industries.


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