Heat pump

Installation of a heat pump at
Champagne Sports Resort to reduce
electricity consumption

KwaZulu-Natal’s Champagne Sports Resort has invested in energy efficient electrical and plumbing fittings which are significantly reducing its electrical consumption.

Magnet, specialist in the design and installation of energy efficiency systems, installed heat pumps and lowflow showerheads in the hotel block and timeshare chalets, as part of the resort’s energy saving programme.

“This project involved the retrofitting of a 20 kW heat pump to the existing tank in the main hotel block, which previously was serviced by one 48 kW heat pump and a 3 200 l electrical element boiler,” Brian Howarth, Magnet’s managing director, says. “Peak power consumption after the upgrade shows a demand saving of 81% and an average saving of 60%.

“The installation also included 2.8 kW heat pumps to the existing geyser in each timeshare unit at the resort and the fitting of low flow, energy efficient shower heads. Peak demands savings are at 70% and average savings are 91%.”

Contact: Brian Howarth
Magnet managing director
Tel: +27 (0)31 274 1096
Email: brianh@magnetgroup.co.za