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Electricity Transmission Company to extend power to Rwanda, DRC

Eriasi Kiyimba,
Managing Director,
30 August 2010 – The Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL) has finalised plans to extend power to Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, through regional its interconnection plan.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory and State Enterprises last week, Eriasi Kiyimba, the managing director, said the plan would be implemented through the grid investment plan which runs up to 2018.

Under the plan, Kiyimba said, the Government wants to inter-connect with all its East African Community (EAC) neighbours. "Due to poor planning, all the countries were caught in acute shortages of power. We have designed a plan to construct lines to extend the grid," Kiyimba said.

In a separate interview with journalists, Kiyimba said UETCL is working on four major power line transmissions which will start from Bujagali through Tororo to Lessos in Kenya with 220 KV.

Another line, Kiyimba added, would commence from Mbarara through Mirama to Birembo in Rwanda, with a power voltage of 220 KV. Grid extension into the DRC will also cover 220 KV.

Besides the extension of power to neighbouring countries, UETCL will also carry out grid extensions nationally, from Tororo through Opuyo to Lira, covering 260 Kilometre.

Both the transmission and extension, Kiyimba said, will cost more than $550m (about sh1.21 trillion). The project, he added, is in line with the recently launched national development plan. With all the planned grids fully constructed, Uganda will have 3800 MW.