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Electricity theft on the increase

17 July 2008 – Uganda’s rate of electricity theft has increased by 7% this year, up from 31% to 38%, according to energy minister, Daudi Migereko.

Electricity theft

"There is direct theft of electricity. People, especially upcountry, are connecting themselves to power lines illegally. These must be stamped out," he said.

According to the minister, ‘leakage’ in Umeme’s distribution network was partly to blame.

Speaking at the beginning of the Ugandan annual Energy Efficiency week, the minister said that the theme "Together let us save energy for improved lives and a better environment" aimed at promoting rational electricity use and addressing high power losses.

"The general public will have an opportunity to interact with government and Umeme officials," he said.

"The Government’s policy is to increase power generation and to promote energy efficiency. Therefore, we have to address power losses. One of the activities we expect during the week is to forge ways of curtailing power theft."