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Electricity chicken and egg − tariffs versus delivery in Ghana

Dr. Charles Wereko-
Brobby, CEO, Volta
River Authority
3 April 2013 – Ghanaweb reports that the former CEO of the Volta River Authority (VRA), Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby, has challenged power producers in the country to provide reliable and sufficient electricity before they clamour for tariff increases.

He says government and the power producers comprising Volta River Authority (VRA), Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Ghana Grid Company (GridCo), Northern Electricity Development Company (NEDCO), TAQA and Asogli, must assure consumers constant power supply throughout the country before thinking about tariff increases.

Wereko-Brobby says that under his stewardship at VRA, the authority got a combined tariff increase of 200% in two years. “The sticking point has always been that all the promises that the utilities make about ensuring reliable supply because they’ve got the right tariffs, falls down.

“Nobody is happy about running generators for their businesses, petrol prices have gone up and therefore the cost of operating generators has soared, but I think that it is disingenuous and completely unacceptable for power producers and their politicians and others to keep talking about inadequate tariffs,” he says.

 He believes the electricity providers must make it a priority to always supply adequate energy and not let things go bad to the extent of the load-shedding. “I don’t say this to boast, when I went to VRA, I said we are here to put lights on, we are not here to manage load-shedding and if we’ve got a 200% increase in tariffs we must ensure the consumers get what they’ve paid for.

“We simply cannot sit down and say that people need to pay for service that they don’t enjoy. So the argument about tariffs is not about adequacy, it is about matching what we pay to getting what is supplied.”