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Egypt: Presidency meets with Total Gas to address Egyptian energy future

On Thursday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi travelled to Paris, France to meet with the deputy chairman of Total Gas, multinational oil and gas Company, allAfrica reported.

Presidential Spokesman Ambassador, Alaa Yousef said that France saw Egypt as an attractive region for investment and would be initiating new developments in the coming future, which he repeated in various media statements, allAfrica reported.

According to Yousef, Total selected Egypt as their first African region in which to operate and ranked third internationally next to Germany and France, allAfrica reported.

The Egyptian Government has put the energy sector at the top of their priority list and have acknowledged the importance of improving and developing the industry in order to gratify consumer needs, President Sisi emphasised at the meeting, Reuters reported.

Yousef added that the country is expanding its energy mix to include further renewable resources for power production, Reuters reported.

The deputy chairman commended the Egyptian Government’s new economic decisions, to rectify the subsidy offered to the energy industry which previously proved unfavourable and unbalanced, allAfrica reported.

The energy sector was not the only industry under the scope, the President relooked other developments in the country and addressed the need to improve transport infrastructure at a national level, allAfrica reported.


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