South Korea and Egypt have signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of nuclear power development. The agreement will see the two countries work together to train the north African country’s workforce for a nuclear power plant, share technical information, and discuss ways to appease the concerns of local residents.

Egypt’s ministry of electricity and energy has been looking into ways of reducing Egypt’s dependency on hydrocarbon energy sources, and nuclear energy is seen as one of its best options to achieve this. Egypt’s cabinet has made plans to establish a bidding process for the rights to build a nuclear plant in El-Dabaa in Matruh governorate.

However, the residents of El-Dabaa are making claims that their land was taken from them to build the nuclear plant and they also have health and safety concerns regarding the plant. Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi visited the governorate in October 2012 and assured the residents of El-Dabaa that their concerns had been heard.