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Editor’s comment

For those of us south of the equator, spring is on its way, making itself heard more or less sporadically, but definitely here. And at ESI Africa, we too have turned a new leaf with the re-launch of our website, esiafrica.wpengine.com. The site is in the final stages of development, with a bit of tweaking still needed here and there; we invite your feedback to help us better serve you. You will notice that this eNewsletter has also changed its appearance. We will continue giving you your dose of monthly updates — and for ease of use — a direct link to our website.

Websites are fairly complex entities, providing a publisher with the opportunity to present readers with a multitude of information opportunities. The question is always about what to leave out rather than what to include. Ultimately, our decisions are based on what will best serve you, the reader, and for that reason we have come up with classifications and categories that will provide you with all you need to know about Africa’s electricity supply industry at the click of a mouse. In that way, we are a unique portal. If you want to source your information by region, simply click the easy-to-locate button and we will carry you there. If it is by industry or discipline, we have sorted information into generation, transmission, distribution, regulation and finance.

We update our news daily, which is critical in this industry at this time. We are convinced that on any given day, you will find the most current affairs on our website. Which is why we encourage you to make esiafrica.wpengine.com your home-page.

Subscribing to a website can often seem like an onerous activity, but we have made the process simple — and extremely worthwhile and cost-effective. You can register for free, giving you active, but limited access to information, or take a paid subscription, which gives access to articles, research and opinion pieces you will not find any where else. Additionally, a paid subscription gives immediate access to all back issues of ESI Africa journal, which is content of the highest value, aiding your research and information gathering in a comprehensive way.

Among other exciting products available on the new website are Vendor Portal and Press Offices (VPP), which act as micro-sites for companies — large and small — to have a web presence within the hub our ESI community. We also have plans for a training site within the website as well, which will make ongoing professional development programmes easy and convenient. For all of these products, please contact associate publisher Claire Volkwyn at claire@spintelligent.com or Andrew Dooley at andrewd@spintelligent.com, should you wish to bring your company’s presence to the site. On that note, I must congratulate Claire and offer our thanks for her for tireless work on getting the website up and running. 

So what are you waiting for?

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Nicholas McDiarmid
Publishing Editor
ESI Africa