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EAZ calls for Zesco to be unbundled

22 January 2008 – The Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) says government should consider unbundling Zesco into three separate business units.

electricitySpeaking earlier this week, Mr Chibamba Kanyama, national secretary of EAZ, said Zesco should remain as the holding company that manages the electricity sector, but that private sector should play other roles. Unbundling would attract more investors, said Kanyama.

"As it is now some investors are not interested to invest in all the three components of the company. Some are only interested to invest in generation or distribution or transmission of the company."

Calls have been made by the National Energy Sector and Allied Workers Union (NESAWU) for a thorough investigation into the cause of last weeks nationwide black out.

"This is not the first time the country is experiencing a national power blackout within a space of two years. The nation was not told the real cause of the first blackout in 2006. The blackouts have been disrupting the smooth economic activities and putting at risk the lives of Zambians," said NESAWU general secretary, Yotam Mtayachalo.

Neil Croucher, chief executive officer of the Copperbelt Energy Corporation has also called for an urgent need to establish the cause of the power failure.