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Easy to install wiring introduced by Aberdare Cables

A range of low-friction single core general purpose house wiring that are easy to use have been introduced to the contractng market by Aberdare Cables.

The Slipdac Housewire cable was developed with electrical contractors’ needs in mind.

Firstly, it is neatly and accurately coiled on automatic coilers that greatly reduce the risk of entanglement; secondly, up to four colour-coded cables can be placed in a standard Slipdac bucket for quick, tangle-free dispensing and secure storage after use; and thirdly it is 20-30% easier to pull through standard 20mm SABS conduit.

Johan du Plessis, product manager general wire products at Aberdare, says that in the wiring of industrial buildings, housing and control panels, Slipdac is significantly easier to pull through conduit than standard house wire, saving time and effort.

"The benefits are particularly evident when the contract contains long and difficult wiring runs. Slipdac’s cable-to-conduit and cable-to-cable friction is markedly lower than standard products thanks to a specially developed low-friction PVC compound used in the insulation.

"The Slipdac PVC compound is low-friction as a result of slip additives migrating to the cable surface and therefore lower pulling forces are required to draw the cable through the conduit run."

Slipdac features high conductivity annealed stranded copper conductors to SANS 1411 Part 1, insulated with PVC and skin-coloured in plain colours to SANS 1411 part 2. It is manufactured to SANS 1507 Part 2. Voltage ratings are 330/500V and 600/1000V with an operating temperature range of -100 to 700C. It is packaged in 100m shrink-wrapped perforated coils.

"Our specially designed shrink-wrapped coil packaging allows easy access to the wire on the inside of the coil so that there is no need to disturb the packaging or the body of the coil during use," adds du Plessis.

"Perforations at both the top and bottom allow coils of all the required colours to be stacked one on top of the other so that all wires can be drawn smoothly and simultaneously into the conduit."

Slipdac wiring coils and dispensing/storage buckets can be obtained from most electrical wholesalers.