Eskom technicians are investigating a transformer fault on Unit 1 at Koeberg power station, resulting in earlier refuelling and maintenance than originally scheduled.

On Sunday, Eskom announced that Unit 1 at Koeberg power station was out of service due to unforeseen technical problems, fin24 reported.

The loss of the unit’s 900MW has left the system vulnerable and may result in load shedding.

‘Unit one is out of service because of a technical fault’, Eskom spokesman Khulu Phasiwe said.

‘The power system is relatively stable, but the grid will be under pressure later today [Monday] because we have lost 900MW from that unit’, he added.

This unit was only scheduled for maintenance on 9 February 2015.

Eskom said that ‘Koeberg 2 is currently generating full power and there is no nuclear safety concern for both units 1 and 2. Each unit contributes 930MW to the national power grid’.

This follows a warning of a ‘total national electricity blackout’ which Eskom brought to the Cabinet’s attention on Sunday, the City Press reported.

‘A national blackout was a very significant possibility for the foreseeable future’, an Eskom source told the City Press.

(Pic Credits: times live)