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EAPIC Industry Expert Interview Series

EAPIC 2012

As the longest running energy event in the region, EAPIC is well known with utilities and energy-related businesses in East Africa.  In the EAPIC industry expert interview series we talk to speakers, sponsors and other experts connected to the event.  They share with us the challenges in the industry, their vision and give a preview on what their message will be at EAPIC in Nairobi in September.

Gachao Kiuna

“TCL Power is dedicated to the build out of the grid across East, Central and Southern Africa.”
Exclusive interview with Dr. Gachao Kiuna – CEO Transcentury – platinum sponsors at the upcoming EAPIC in Nairobi.


“GE is committed to working with public and private sector stakeholders to address the region’s energy challenges.”
Exclusive interview with Mr Jay Ireland, GE President and CEO for Africa – GE is the diamond sponsor for EAPIC.

Ansgar Kiene

“REFiTs have potential to transform energy systems and societies in profound and tangible ways”
Exclusive interview with Ansgar Kiene, Director Africa Office, World Future Council Foundation and Secretary General, African Renewable Energy Alliance.  He is a speaker at the upcoming EAPIC in Nairobi in September.

Nicholas Mariita

Geothermal energy: “in Kenya alone, there is a potential of approximately 10,000 MW of electric power”.
Interview with Dr Nicholas Mariita, Chief Geothermal Training Officer, KenGen, Kenya.  He is a speaker at the upcoming EAPIC in the geothermal track on “Drilling technologies and capabilities.”

Ralph Nyakabwa-Atwoki

‘The biggest challenge facing the geothermal industry in the region is the reluctance of many investors to finance exploration endeavours.’
Ralph Nyakabwa-Atwoki is Project Consultant of Katwe Geothermal Power Project Limited and a speaker at the upcoming EAPIC.  Here is an exclusive interview with him.

Jasper Oduor

“EAPP is very important, but it is often treated as a village boy who is common to all, required by all to do chores for all…”

Exclusive interview with Mr Jasper Oduor, well-respected energy expert in the East-African region, former Executive Secretary of the Eastern Africa Power Pool and currently with Edison Engineers in Kenya.  He is also a speaker at the upcoming EAPIC