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DoE to release details of solar rebate programme – Jan 31st

South Africa’s Department of Energy is scheduled to release the details of Eskom’s Solar Water Heating Programme at the end of January, says the Business Report.

The Solar Water Heating Programme is envisaged to assist the SA government meet its target of generating 10 000 GWh annually as of 2013. Solar water heating could potentially contribute to meeting 23% of governments overall target says Eskom’s website.

The industry has called upon the DoE to provide information and communication as to how the department intends to conduct the programme.

The Energy Department’s spokesman Johannes Mokobane said: ‘The department will release the details about the solar water heater programme transition process from Eskom to the department once all the details have been finalised towards the end of this month.’

The intention is to hand the programme over to the DoE for implantation. Businesses are fearful that the there is too much lead time before the phase out by Eskom and handover to the department, leading to possible job losses in the interim.

Lance Greyling, spokesperson for political party, Democratic Alliance commented: ‘We need a proper government plan for solar water heaters that can urgently reduce demand to the grid and provide certainty to the industry, so that it can flourish and provide much needed jobs.’


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