On Monday, CEO Jeffrey Immelt, of global infrastructure and technology company General Electric (GE), addressed energy leaders and stakeholders on the current situation and way forward for the African energy sector.

Speaking at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in Pretoria, Immelt put forward two solutions to tackle the continent’s energy hurdles:

‘Always do the easy things first. Always do things that can be done quickly, be practical’, he said.

‘I would put an emphasis on stability in the short term’, he told Creamer media in response to a question on helping Eskom be more sufficient.

Parastatel utility Eskom has been in the spotlight over the past few years due to inefficiencies within the whole power system from poor infrastructure, lack of funds and depleting diesel reserves. Having to perform rolling blackouts to avoid total grid shut down is indicative that urgent decisions need to be made.

‘It didn’t get created overnight and it’s not going to get fixed overnight’, Immelt said.

(Pic Credits: the networks)