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Discussions underway for NamPower to supply power to Eskom

The new Kudu gas-field plant, of which Namibian utility, NamPower owns 51 per cent share might sell up to 3000 megawatts of electricity to Eskom South Africa.

Bloomberg reports that NamPower is ‘in talks’ with Eskom to assist the utility to keep up with the growing demand for power.

S. Muyenga-Muyenga, a coordinator at the 1,050-megawatt project said that the discussions between NamPower and Eskom are ongoing with regard to the ‘possible off-take of 100 to 300 megawatts from the Kudu power station’ according to his emailed statement.

The power plant will cost $1.3 million and will utilise gas from the Kudu fields 200km (124 miles) off Oranjemund, a southern Namibian town for electricity supply.

The Copperbelt Energy Corporation of Zambia holds a 30 per cent equity stake in the plant, with NamPower having evaluated bidders for the remaining 19 per cent stake. According to Bloomberg, Eskom hasn’t expressed interest in the stake.

“There has been huge interest from the international market, and in actual fact all the bidders requested for more shares over and above the offered 19 percent,” said Muyenga-Muyenga

The Kudu plant is being commissioned to meet more than half of its energy needs and cut reliance on foreign imports.