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Developers for independent base-load stations prequalified

Andrew Etzinger,
Demand Side
GM, Eskom
27 October 2008 – Coal generation will still be the primary energy source for those developers building Eskom’s multisite base load IPP programme.  Late last week, the utility released the names of 23 developers which have been unconditionally prequalified to produce electricity.  According to Andrew Etzinger, Eskom demand side management GM, the next round of the process will look at environmental mitigation steps which may be required for any of the plants.

In addition to coal generation, there is also a liquefied natural gas plant, a liquefied petroleum gas plant, one hydro power plant and one solar power plant amongst the list.  The plant installed capacity is between 500MW and 1 000MW, with one plant having a capacity of 1 500MW.  Locations for the plants are in the Eastern Cape, Free State and Mpumalanga, although most are planned for Limpopo province.

Between 2 100MW and 4 500MW of electricity is needed under the proposed programme.

According the Engineering News, “The developers included a number of consortiums, including ACWA Power Projects/Holgoun Energy, Huaneng Power International/G3 Power, Essar Power/Bhander Power, GMR Infrastructure/GMR Energy, Group Five Infrastructure Developments/Strang Rennies, International Power, Keangnaem Enterprises/Korea South East Power Co/Mega Africa Holdings, and Union Fenosa SA/Shanduka Group.

“The developers also included Mulilo Energy/China Railway Construction Corporation/Coal of Africa, Umbono Capital Partners/Lanco Infratech, Aviva Corporation/GDF Suez, Sekoko Resources/Mulilo Energy/China Railway Construction Corporation and the Sumbandila Consortium consisting of GDF Suez/Korea East-West Power Co/Korea Electric Power Corporation/Terracotta Resources.

“Further, AES Energy Developments, Aldwych International, Endesa, International Power, MAPNA Group, Mitui & Co, Shenzhen Energy Group, Statkraft Norfund Power, Sumitomo Corporation, YTL Power International, and Independent Power Southern Africa had also been prequalified.”

Requests for proposals will be issued by the end of November, and bids close in May 2009.  It is hoped the deals will be finalised by the first quarter of 2010 with power expected on line between 2012 and 2017.