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Delays awarding power station contracts

Eskom’s board is still deliberating over the contracts for the Medupi power station’s boiler and turbine contracts, according to an Eskom spokesman.

Despite Eskom Enterprises MD, Brian Dames, initially hoping to award the contracts by the end of August, there have been some delays finalising this decision for the first three units of the six unit coal-fired power station.

“Because of the huge amount of money involved, and the fact that it will be the biggest contracts for Medupi, the Eskom board wants to ensure that all the details of the contracts are 100%,” the company spokesperson said.

No new deadline has been given for the announcement of the contract winners for the boiler or turbines.

Medupi will be the fourth dry-cooled power station in South Africa, along with Kendal, Majuba and Matimba power stations, and will use high tech supercritical boilers which operate at higher temperatures and offer greater efficiency.

The power station is expected to go online within the next five years, when the first unit is commissioned. Subsequently, units will be commissioned at nine month intervals, with the final unit of the 4 788-MW power station coming on line in 2015.