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Declaration of state of emergency delayed

14 February 2008 – The Nigerian government says the delay in declaring a state of emergency in the power sector is due to an adherence to due process.


President Yar’Adua

Deputy Governor Shettima Dibal of Borno State said that president wanted due process followed before a state of emergency could be declared. He added that expert advice was needed to assess the problem and provide the president with information to make an informed decision.

"The president is very much concerned about the power sector, but the expert said before declaring a state of emergency in such a critical sector, one must know when to start and when to end.

"Mr President believes so much in due process and rule of law, so he has decided to explore this initiative by the expert, regardless of criticisms" he said.

"We have to open up the power sector as we did with the communication industry for healthy competition, but we must put in place necessary policies."