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Day time load shedding set to end

31 October 2007 – Uganda’s day time load shedding will come to an end on 1st November, as more electricity is generated at the Owen Falls Dam the energy ministry reported, ahead of the Commonwealth meeting (CHOGM) in November.

"The Directorate of Water Development has permitted an increase in water release to boost hydropower generation," Simon D’Ujanga told reporters on Tuesday.

"This development is aimed at availing as much power as possible during the CHOGM events." The situation would be reviewed at the end of November to see if it is sustainable, he added.

From 1 November, power generation from the Kiira and Nalubaale power stations will increase from 145MW to 186MW. This, together with the 100MW generated by Lugogo and Kiira thermal plants, will result in total generation of 286MW, enough to meet the day time demand of 280MW.

Distribution company, Umeme’s Robert Kisubi, corporate communications manager, confirmed that day time load shedding would cease in the coming weeks. In areas where the Commonwealth meetings are taking place, no night time load shedding will take place either.

"The remaining feeds have been grouped in three evening load-shedding groups. These groups will be subjected to ordinary load-shedding between 6:00am and 11:00pm."

Eskom, the generation company in Jinja, will be allowed to increase the water release to 1,143 cubic metres per second in November, up from 908 in October.