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Dawn of transparent and versatile power grids

16 May 2013 – Due to the rapidly increasing global demand for electrical energy, managing power transmission and distribution has become one of today’s most complex challenges. Most power grids, however, designed and built decades ago are struggling to cope with these new requirements. A smart transformation is required.

“The grid of the 21st century is a flexible and living element which is proactively operating industry and infrastructure,” Martin Sanne, CEO Siemens smart grid, Africa, says. Sanne adds that, “Several challenges threaten reliable energy supplies worldwide necessary to develop smarter grids, including fluctuating power generation from renewable sources, aging infrastructure, unforeseen environmental factors, and technical and non-technical losses.

“Smart metering and by in large the bigger smart grid philosophy is characterised by bi-directional data flows and integrated communication technologies among all relevant users of the energy conversion chain,” Sanne concludes.