Gabriele Riedmann
de Trinidad, Head of
Energy Business,
Deutsche Telekom
27 August 2012 – Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad, head of the energy business at Deutsche Telekom, suggests that the current energy transition the world is going through is perhaps the most significant paradigm shift since the industrial revolution. “Instead of a few central power plants many decentralised energy producers, which are not centrally managed or coordinated, will be impacting the market.

“If power utilities meter in 15 minute intervals, this means 35,000 data sets per customer each year, whereas today we have only one data set per customer. Companies that have traditionally generated and distributed energy will evolve into enterprises that require huge volumes of data. Thus, information technology and processing will play a decisive role in the energy industry.”

De Trinidad goes on to say that if the electronic meters in every home and business in Germany were to record energy data every 15 minutes, 200 million data sets would be produced per hour, and that translates into 1.75 billion a year. Utility companies in Germany plan their power plants on the basis of the so-called standard load profile. This is based on information gathered from household surveys conducted in the mid-1980s.

“Today, however, smart metering gives utilities the most precise picture of energy flows ever. But this means that utility companies must be able to process unbelievably huge amounts of data while ensuring data privacy at the same time. Household energy consumption data is definitely classified as personal data.”