Petrus van Heerden,
Country Manager
4 March 2013 – After three years with successful sales through local distributors, Kamstrup has taken a further step into the African continent with the opening of a South African subsidiary. An obvious demand for intelligent energy and water management motivated the company to establish Kamstrup South Africa – with office facilities in Hatfield, Pretoria.

The office opening is a strategic ramp up for Kamstrup in South Africa, where general sales manager, Hans Peter Kyk, sees a great potential for Kamstrup’s smart metering products. “Together with our local partners we already have a number of projects up and running with very impressive results. Our smart metering product portfolio covers both electricity and water and has proven its relevance in South Africa. We are therefore very confident about settling down permanently in the country.”

New country manager appointed from the 1st of February 2013, Petrus van Heerden, says, “As a result of a growing economy the country experiences a booming energy demand, which stresses energy production accordingly. In an attempt to bridle the demand the population must endure staggering price raises and controlled blackouts. Smart metering, on the other hand, offers as a more intelligent solution a strengthened demand side management. A stable flow of information from the smart meters in residential areas will enable a stabilised energy supply as well as a predictable billing.”

The South African energy crisis is in no way unique for this country, and Kyk therefore sees South Africa as a natural springboard for doing smart metering business in other parts of Africa: “If we can solve problems here, then why shouldn’t we also offer our solutions in other countries in sub-Sahara Africa?”