Source: ESI Africa

Customer centricity is a strategic imperative that an organisation should adopt to ensure long-term sustainability. This is according to Utility Coach director Vera Kriel, who spoke to ESI Africa at the recent POWER-GEN Africa show in Johannesburg.

Kriel notes that in a digitally-connected world, a utility needs a customised customer engagement strategy, which helps create relationships that result in customer loyalty towards the overall service offering. This then translates to revenue improvements and sustainability for the organisation.

Highlighting this transition, Kriel notes that customer service does have its challenges especially around performance management and organisational structure.

Being involved in the rollout of this customer-centric approach, Kriel underlines company culture as being the biggest challenge to date.

Highlighting that “statiscally 60% of the work force worldwide is 40 years or older,” Kriel says they do not have the digital “nativeness” that the millenniums have.

This naturally makes the shift from an analogue environment to a digital environment a challenge.

Watch the full video interview with Vera Kriel below.