Palace Group’s CSR policy focuses on six distinct areas through which we implement our socio-economic development projects.

In support of this policy, the Group has supported a women soccer team, Palace Super Falcons that has received national accolades in South Africa. The aim is to position women soccer as one of the drivers for social change within local communities.


Palace Group has supported the establishment of a community enterprise in a form of a bakery that is geared towards providing income to parents and guardians of the children in an OVC centre located in Alexandra, Jhb. The income would also provide long term means to sustain the OVC centre, to move away from the donor support mentality.


In support of infrastructure development in schools, we have committed to the design of an energy efficient multi-media centre in a good performing school in Jhb.

These are some of the ongoing community projects that the Group is committed to as part of its policy.

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