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Cross border gas-fired plant expansion in southern Africa

Salvador Namburete,
Minister of Energy
5 September 2013 – Aggreko in conjunction with its project partners has celebrated the expansion of its gas-fired power plant at Gigawatt Park in Ressano Garcia, Mozambique. The extension to the facility was officially inaugurated by the Mozambique minister of energy, Salvador Namburete during a ceremony at the project site. The expansion adds an additional 122 MW of capacity to the Ressano Garcia facility, bringing the total generation output from the plant to 232 MW.

The power plant began operating in July 2012 in what was a ground-breaking initiative to build the world’s first interim cross-border independent power producer (IPP) project. Power generated on site was supplied directly into the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) with the first off-takers from the project being Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), the Mozambique power utility and Eskom, the South African power utility.

Following the success of the first stage of Ressano Garcia, Aggreko announced in March 2013 that it had signed agreements with both EDM and NamPower, the Namibian power utility to supply an additional 122 MW from the project. Following this announcement work began immediately to more than double the generating capacity of the plant. As Aggreko designed and built the plant infrastructure to allow for modular increases in capacity, facilitating the additional power generation was achieved in 12 weeks.

By using the regional transmission infrastructure of the SAPP, Aggreko will supply power generated in Mozambique to three national utilities, including to Namibia located more than 1,500 kilometres away. EDM and Eskom will transmit this power to Namibia. EDM will transmit the power over its network to the South African border where Eskom on behalf of NamPower will handle the wheeling of the power across the South African grid network to Namibia.

Aggreko’s Ressano Garcia power plant is situated on the Mozambique / South African border, 90 kilometres north-west of Maputo. Natural gas to the project is being supplied by the Matola Gas Company SA through its gas infrastructure at Ressano Garcia.

“Ressano Garcia is the world’s largest cross-border interim power plant, with 232 MW of gas-fuelled power generation being utilised by three national utilities,” David Taylor-Smith, regional managing director, Aggreko Europe Middle East and Africa, says.

Augusto de Sousa Fernando, CEO of EDM says, “Following the first project enabled by EDM, in its role as the national power utility and system operator in Mozambique, we would once again like to welcome the second phase of the Aggreko interim power plant at Ressano Garcia, which will assist EDM and its partners in the SAPP to bridge the period until we implement our permanent plants in Mozambique.”