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Corruption concerns mount regarding South Africa’s municipalities

Consulting Engineering South Africa (CESA) is appalled by the pressure put on its members to certify payment for work not done and will not bow to pressure from greedy, unscrupulous and unqualified contractors and corrupt officials.

“We are concerned and as an organisation that represents this invaluable profession which is the backbone of quality infrastructure, we cannot accept this despicable behaviour and conduct to continue unchallenged,” CESA CEO Lefadi Makibinyane states.

He cautions that CESA will not allow these bad elements to hold the profession to ransom or deter its members from practising their profession. “Their actions are denying our people a better life through the delivery of basic services and critical infrastructure underpinning economic growth and job creation.

“Our government has done everything to prepare internationally acclaimed policies but implementation has been its Achilles Heel mainly due to these unscrupulous officials who are eroding the profitability of, not only CESA member firms, but most companies doing business with government, especially municipalities where the rot lies.”

Makibinyane adds that governance in most municipalities in the country is in shambles and is worsened by the political interference in administration. “In CESA’s space in the economy we shall be relentless in holding those in power accountable to ensure that the quality of basic services through effective and efficient infrastructure is delivered to the people of South Africa. We shall work closely with government institutions to ensure that these corrupt acts are identified and their perpetrators reported to the South African Police Services, the Public Protector, the Special Investigative Unit and National Treasury, for further investigation and prosecution,” he concludes.

Lefadi Makibinyane
Lefadi Makibinyane

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