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Control system for Olkaria I & IV

Honeywell says that its Experion process knowledge system (PKS) was selected by Hyundai Engineering for Kenya Electricity Generating (KenGen) company’s two key geothermal plants in Olkaria, which will increase KenGen’s total electricity generating capacity by 25%.

Experion PKS will be used to integrate data from Olkaria’s different operating systems and share that information with the plant’s workforce, enabling them to make quicker, better- informed decisions. It will also be used to centralise control room strategies. The system will feature an integrated operator interface and incorporate physical security, emergency shutdown and fail-safe controls. Honeywell will also provide project management and engineering expertise, some of which will be on-site.

Experion PKS will be implemented at KenGen’s Olkaria I and IV power plants, each with a capacity of 140 megawatts. The project is the largest geothermal project in Kenya.

SH Keum, Hyundai Engineering’s chief engineer on the project says, “With the solution in place, the new power plants will be able to operate in a sustainable manner as they can increase production while consuming fewer raw materials, putting KenGen in a strong position for the future.”