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Chinese to build new dam in Lesotho

Lesotho’s Katse dam “’
now the country is to
take on a new project,
the Metolong dam
Maseru, Lesotho — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 16 September 2011 – The government of Lesotho has awarded a US$79.9 million contract to Sino-hydro of China to build the Metolong dam and a raw water pumping station.

The Lesotho government recruited builders last year to construct the Metolong dam on the Phuthitsana River near Metolong, in Lesotho. The European Investment Bank approved a 140 million euro (US$193 million) loan for the 282 million euro (US$397.3 million) project in 2010.

Sino-hydro was selected from among six bidders. Other competitors were CSC Metolong Dam JV, which had the next lowest bid of US$118.6 million; Concor-Hochtief Metolong JV; Patel Engineering; Group Five; and WBHO.

The dam is a Lesotho Lowlands Water Supply project that is to supply domestic and industrial water to six lowland districts of Lesotho. The government recruited consultants in 2009 for preparatory work at the project. U.S. consultant Paul J. Collins was named engineering manager.