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Chinese supply Europe’s largest solar power plant

The Rovigo photovoltaic
solar plant in
Northeast Italy
Ontario, Canada — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 14 January 2011 – Chinese solar firm Canadian Solar Incorporated has revealed that it supplied modules to the largest capacity photovoltaic solar power plant in Europe “’ located in Italy, and built by MEMC Electronic’s SunEdison unit.

Canadian Solar “’ headquartered in Canada, but whose operations are largely based in China “’ said the plant was expected to power more than 16 500 homes in its first year of operation. The Rovigo photovoltaic plant in Northeast Italy is the largest of its kind in Europe.

Europe “’ especially Germany “’ is seen to consume most of the world’s supply of solar modules, which turn sunlight into electricity.

However, declining subsidies in Germany and other European countries; harsh weather; and falling Euro prices are some of the main challenges facing solar companies in the near-term.

Shares of Canadian Solar have risen 7% since the company reported its third-quarter results in November 2010.