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Chinese solar breakthrough in U.K.

An ET Solar
residential rooftop grid
Nanjing, China — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 13 January 2011 – In a significant breakthrough, ET Solar Group Corporation “’ a leading China-based photovoltaic system turnkey solution provider and integrated manufacturer of PV products “’ has completed a total of over 50MW of contractual and framework module sales agreements with British PV distributors and installers for 2011.

Since a feed-in-tariff policy was introduced in the UK, ET Solar has made considerable headway into this fast-growing market. In the third quarter of 2010, the company received the UK Micro-generation Certification Scheme certificate from the British Standards Institution on both mono and multi-crystalline modules. It is the second Chinese solar module manufacturer to receive such highly authoritative certification in the country.

Among the landmark transactions that ET Solar completed in the UK was a 1 000 residential rooftop project grid connected in October, where the company’s module performance was highly praised by both installers and investors.

“We are very excited that the UK government is joining forces with its continental European counterparts to promote solar energy with a very impressive incentive programme. In fact, even before the programme was introduced, the country was already a high priority on our market development list,” said ET Solar CEO Dennis She. “As an early bird in the British PV market, ET Solar is very well poised to expand its presence and further develop customer relationships in 2011,” he added.