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Chinese seek partners for their oil search in Brazil

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Sao Paulo, Brazil — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 13 October 2011 – Deputy-chairman of the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC) Zhang Hanliang, says that the Chinese company is seeking national and international partners to invest in oil drilling in the Brazilian pre-salt layer.

During a meeting with Sao Paulo state governor  Geraldo Alckmin, Zhang said that CNPC was very interested in investing in the state of Sao Paulo and, particularly, in the pre-salt layer.

CNPC Manufacturing is a subsidiary of the China National Petroleum Company, China’s biggest producer and supplier of oil and gas.

According to Brazilian state news agency Estado, Zhang Hanliang said that the meeting had aimed to establish long-term partnerships, and added that the governor of the state, in his opinion, had been optimistic about such potential relationships.